Friday, September 18, 2009


Well, get used to seeing me like this. (Damn you helmet hair) Just got back from Alvernon Optical and now have a prescription for contacts. Should be coming in next week and couldn't be more pumped. I really should have done this a long ass time ago but you all know me. (I'm a lazy sumbitch) The trial lens worked out pretty good and I look forward to my first pair of sunglasses. (Hell yeah!)

I'm looking forward to having you all down here in December for my graduation. I honestly can't believe that it's coming already. Some days I feel like it has taken forever to get to this point and then some days I feel like it has gone too fast. The person that came down to Tucson wanting to get the fuck away from everyone is unrecognizable to the me who can't wait to get the fuck out of Tucson and be with everyone. I'm hella glad I went through all my experiences down here and I feel that it's all prepared me for whatever is to come next. (Just gotta figure that part out)

I talked to my voc rehab counselor and left there feeling optimistic. She said it'd be no problem to take off a year or two and that when I come back I can still get support for my Masters, in state or out. I haven't really taken the time to figure out what/where I'd like to go and am definitely open to suggestions. I will most likely be atleast moving out of Tucson though.

Bobby, I can think of better things to do than write odes to your member. Maybe buy me lunch/beer and I'll reconsider.

Loren, your daughter is awesome and I hope she keeps on thinking I'm awesome.

(Next update will be food/poem, promise. )

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh mac, you silly 'puter

Just discovered the 4 pictures in rapid succession thing. Loren's recipe is the winner (sorry Corey, the taco bell addition just won't cut it) and pictures will be forthcoming this weekend. I'm holding off until Seyrra comes down so we can fuck it up together.

The poem will of course be groanworthy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Food For Thought

If any of you fine folks (All 4 of you, apparently) have an interesting and/or delicious recipe that would allow me to use this bottle of wine (to drink with or to cook with) I will gladly post pictures of the finished product here and write a poem about how awesome you are.

Sound of Silence

Please, sweet baby jesus, don't ever let me go deaf. Been without my hearing aid for a couple of days now and every time I go without it I get depressed. I can't hear shit and get terrible headaches from constantly have all sound input be muddled which tends to throw my brain for a loop.

Never really realized how dependent I am on this tiny piece of machinery.

I've also been noticing for quite a few months now that my speech has been getting pretty sloppy. It's pretty frustrating when talking to people I don't know and I think I'm talking clearly but they can't even understand me. The worst is when I give my name for orders at places and people can't even understand that. I apparently can't even pronounce my own name. Well, I contacted my DRC counselor to inquire about some speech therapy. Was just informed that it'd be $200 for the first meeting (evaluation) and then $33 an hour after that. Shit, so much for that.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Not too much new for ya'll. Seyrra and I had a lot of fun hanging out in Portland/Seattle and really liked it up there. We're driving to Pattagonia tomorrow to do some fishing and apparently she's pretty sure she's going to school me. Unfortunately, my camera is on the fritz so there won't be any pictures while we're out there.

To make up for it, here's the 'beanie' Seyrra was making for me. She came to her senses and trashed it (undid it) about a row or two after this picture was taken.

This is a picture of us getting dressed up for Shabbat service at Temple Emanu-El the weekend before we flew out to Portland. It was interesting and filled my shabbat service quota for the next few years I think.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I moved out of the house last Thursday and haven't really talked to Chaz since. It's weird but at the same time I've already come to accept the finality that our friendship is probably over with. I will run into him at work as our schedules usually have us working a few hours together on Sunday but I can honestly say I'm ready to move on. I need to rethink my friends situation as over the last year I've really dropped contact with a lot of 'em. The last time my week was filled with activities on a consistent basis was a month or two before my surgery and I haven't really tried getting back into the groove of things.

So I guess I now have a goal for this summer.

Tomorrow I'm getting up at 6:30 to go for a jog before class and would love to have that be a consistent thing. The thing I miss the most is playing racquetball but I've got no one to play with. (insert sad music here) I've even got grandpa's old ass racquet that he gave me when he still lived out with us in Arizona. Happened to run into an old buddy from several years back at Subway today and asked if he wanted to play tomorrow. 

The apartment is hella dope and I'm really happy with the location and the apartment itself. Did some laps in the pool bought me some Michael Phelp goggles and I think they're radtastic. 

Seyrra enjoying the cable television that was just activated.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just moved

I'm now in a 1 bedroom apartment with a 7 month lease. 
(If you want to send me shit my address is 3700 N. 1st Ave Apt. 2053 Tucson, AZ 85719)

Seyrra is staying with me through the summer. Here's a picture of us looking bored as shit. 

I've been put on a permanent schedule at work with 2 days a week and this summer I should be able to pick up a lot of extra shifts as a lot of dudes go on vacation over the summer. Summer classes can't end soon enough and I'm looking forward to graduating. 

We're looking forward to hitting up Portland and seeing the fam. She's hella nervous but she's sweating balls over nothing.